About Us

Building a nation through job creation. That is what KONG VOTHA CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD is all about, Established in 2005 with the express aim of all eviation poverty an create opportunities for the disadvantaged, KONG VOTHA embodies the essence of pro-activeowner-manager culture in Cambodia. Specializing in quality, cost-effective projects across a number of construction fields -Architectural Design, Engineering Design, MEP Design, Road and Bridge, and Building Construction-KONG VOTHA currently operates throughout Cambodia, with a view to expanding in to the rest of the continents. From inception, KONG VOTHA was designed to create system that is compatible with government and its alliances, NGOs, and the private sectors. Having put these structures in place, a top quality management tier was installed, and the company committed itself to the path of constant innovation. The strength and success of the company can be measured by the many top quality projects they have completed, on time, with consistent client satisfaction. KONG VOTHA takes pride in its teamwork, collaboration methodology, and capacity building initiatives.



will continue to play a major role in construction fields in Cambodia.We are committed to providing our clients with the excellenice of the highest qualities through the best of class performance andefficiency.


We make sure to understand our client objectives and together find the best solution of client’s projects, while always being respectful of client’s budget.Our experiences, technologies and perseverance enable us to overcome challenges and deliver value.